What’s Next…………

So here we are, basically at the end of May, ready to roll into June.  In this second quarter of the year…..I ask myself, “What’s Next?”  Life has so many distractions, work, school, family, and even church!  OOOOO!  How can church or family be a distraction?  I’m so glad you asked!  Anything thats out of balance can be a distration.  If our family life is out of balance, for example as a mom if you are always caring for others and not for yourself….distraction.  If our church life is out of balance….for example if you attend every service your church has to offer, never taking time to digest what you’ve learned….distration.  Too much of something, even if its a good thing can be bad for us!  The bible even tells us that too much honey(a good thing) can make us sick!-Proverbs 25:16 When you find honey, eat only what is sufficient for you, lest you become stuffed with it and vomit it up.-

So what’s next-for me as I enter June I really desire to refocus and realign my life goals, as a few of them have gotten out of balance.  For me…anything that I’m involved in that doesn’t honor God is a distration.  God’s desire for all of us is to live a healthy life spiritually and physically, and if anything threatens that, its time to realign.

June is going to be a great month of vacations, graduations, weddings, and restoration!!

Refocus. Realign. And be Restored.



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