Draw the line

A conversation with a close friend, and sister in Christ led me to ponder about drawing the line?!  Lines are barriers that are created to separate, to group like objects, to determine clear boundaries, they’re created for protection….but from whom or what?

As we live in a world of excess and access we ignore the need for protection.  Identity theft doesn’t stop us from shopping online, the threat of cancer doesn’t stop us from smoking, and weight gain has never stopped me from eating a full box of sour patch kids!  So where do I draw the line?  Let’s face it life is a bit more complicated than eating way too much candy, the bigger issue is self control, integrity, and living a life that honors God in a world that does not.  And when I draw the line, what utensil will be used? A pencil, so that I can erase the line or adjust it to be more accepted among my gal pals, or is it a bold black Sharpie that stays put and doesn’t fade.

Drawing a line whether its for your spiritual protection. physical well being or for clearer boundaries, is one of those self inventory tasks.  I can’t tell you how or when to do it, its just something that all of us should address in every aspect of our lives.  God tells us in Matthew 5:37 (New Living Translation)-“Just say a simple yes I will or no I won’t. Anything beyond this is from the evil one.”-meaning to be who you are, draw the line, pick a side, say what you mean, mean what you say, and stick to it.

Draw the line.

-bbprep ❤


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