WoW Wednesday

For this Women of Wisdom Wednesday our topic is integrity.  We all know what integrity means; “doing what’s right when no one is looking, having strong moral character and uprightness, not being afraid of doing what’s right, even if you’re the only one doing it…….all the things our mothers taught us during our youth.
Now that we’ve had several chances to walk the walk, what does integrity mean to us today?  Does integrity mean walking what seems like a mile to return your Target shopping cart?  Returning the cash that a stranger dropped right at your feet?  Informing your neighbor that your kid hit their mailbox when they stole the car!? (YIKES)
Today it seems integrity is a lost art.  The nightly news proves it’s been replaced by corruption, selfishness, and pride.  However at the end of the broadcast, “the person of the week”, may show a glimmer of hope.  Someone who has stepped outside of themselves to be a helper, a supported, a friend, a person of integrity.  But is that it?  Is that all we get?  One person per week that has gone over and beyond to rescue a kitten from a tree?  No offense but there has to be more of us who want to honor God by living a life of integrity.  Proverbs 28:18 (ESV)-“Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall.  God’s plan for us is to be delivered.  He sent Jesus for that reason.  To deliver us from our sins and to give us hope and a great end!
So be your own “person on the week”!  Be the one who does what’s right when everyone is looking and when it’s only you. Instead of saving half the cake for yourself, send a couple of slices next door! (that’s for me)
Be WoW!
-bbprep ❤

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