Washi and the Lamb

Lamb washi tape- Photo Credit-TheBaubleWrapBar www.etsy.com

My obsession with tape use to be a hidden passion that I only shared with fellow crafties, but as the tape industry earns millions of dollars a year, I see there’s plenty of tape freaks out there!  Duct tape, washi, masking, packing tape, for me it doesn’t matter.  Having a slew of colors, designs, or patterns- that’s important! What is it used for?  Why so much?  It’s simple.  To make things pretty.  To put my own creative touch on things.  So that when you see a planner, a journal, a bible cover you know it’s mine!  I wonder if that’s how God thinks?  Did he send the Lamb, Jesus, to die for our sins to put his own creative touch on us? So that the world will know that we belong to him? The bible tells us-“..these are the ones coming out of the great tribulation.  They washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”(Revelation 7:14)  Jesus is the only one good enough, great enough, humble enough, perfect enough to make our robes clean.  Through his redemptive blood, God has placed his creative signature on us.  Making us special, desirable unique and one of kind.  So much so, that just a simple smile, a pleasant look, or the words “have a blessed day”, become seeds for those searching for their creative signature.

So the next time you craft, pull the washi!  Choose something bold, unique, bizarre, classy, or glammy.  Let it be a reminder of what God has done-given us great washi tape, and Jesus the Lamb!

-bbprep ❤


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