What’s your passion?

This week marks the beginning of Passion Week or some may know it as Holy Week.  It’s the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  Historically, this week chronicles the journey of Jesus entering Jerusalem as the people’s “king” and the victorious journey to Calvary.  When studying these emotional scriptures, you soon find out why the word “passion” is fitting.  Is it because the Gospel writers express their accounts in vivid examples?  Or is it the reader’s digestion of the word that causes those images to come to life?  Both reasons stand to be true.  When faith allows your heart to understand that a man, whom you never met, allowed himself to be jailed, badgered, beaten, and crucified for love.  That causes your “passion” to stand up, to be present, and accounted for.

When asked-what is my passion?  Lots of things come to mind…my husband, my family, my career, candy, mascara, lip gloss, Goodberry’s Custard….but really what IS my passion.  I find my true passion each time I rise early and spend time with Christ.  When I allow him to speak to my heart in a way that no one can. When I ask him to forgive me for my short comings, my wrong doings, and my down right nastiness.  When I ask him to make me over.  When I thank him for his love and forgiveness.  When I thank him for calling me friend…..that’s when my true passion begins.

So now-what’s your passion?

-bbprep ❤


(scripture references-Matthew 21:1-46, Matthew 22:1-46, Matthew 25)


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